As a result of the number of rehoming organisation that AGSN works with, we are always interested in growing our pool of foster carers. Fostering can be a wonderful opportunity to share a dog in your life on a temporary basis. Your primary mission during fostering is helping your foster hound become accustomed to being a pet and living in a domestic environment. Each dog will come to you with a martingale collar, a muzzle, jacket and lead. AGSN also have an impressive 'stash' of beds, crates, toys, feed bowls, pillow pets, worming tablets and any other paraphernalia that a self-respecting greyhound could hope for.


Foster failing (adopting your foster) is always an option,  but predominately your main task is to show your foster how to live up to the couch potato side of their 45mph couch potato reputation.


If you're interested in opening up your heart and home (temporarily!) get in touch today.


Not sure if you fit the foster mould?

Adopting families come in all shapes and sizes and so it is important that foster carers come in all shapes, sizes and dwellings. People and families who rent, live in share houses, apartments or those with small dogs, cats and other animals can all make excellent foster carers. If you'd like to get involved, contact us and we will see if a foster hound will fit your current lifestyle.



If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please contact us via

Canberra ACT, Australia

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