Completing the family

After multiple years without any dogs in our family, my sister Saskia and I were itching to have a new friend in the house. However we were going on a 7-week road trip around the north of Australia mid this year, so we all decided it would be better to wait until after that. I had my heart set on a Greyhound. I actually don't recall the reason I was interested in them in the first place...  Just something made me like them, and after looking into it further I found out they'd be perfect for us. Saskia soon loved the idea as well, and parents didn't take too much convincing ;)

As soon as we were back from our trip, the application forms went in. Having a cat meant that we had to wait a little while for a suitable Hound to be available. After a couple of months we were introduced to Goofy, and I tell you, he was worth the wait. So, so worth the wait. We have had him for only 3 weeks so far, but we can't imagine life without him. It was love from the get-go for Sas and I and I am quite sure that parents have fallen hard for him now too. 

Big, black and beautiful, Goofy has been a dream. He's one to be shy and quiet in new situations and with new people, but he settled in quickly. Having heard from his foster carers about the 'scared of everything' dog he once was, he has come incredibly far, and he still is becoming more and more confident all the time. How loving and trusting he is constantly amazes me. He has taken everything in his stride. He gets along wonderfully with our cat Cleo, and he is not worried by our horses. He has met small children who LOVE him, and is fantastic with them as well. 

Despite his initial quiet impression, he actually has the biggest personality. He loves walks and exploring new places- he loves going in the car on adventures! He also loves to play and is proving to be very trainable (lots of tricks coming your way mister!). He is, however, the perfect balance of energy for us- he'll happily sleep all day, but he's always up for adventures as well! He has his crazy moments, but it doesn't take long to tire him out and then he's ready to nap. We have so much planned for our future with this fabulous boy, he really is incredibly special!


-Morgan Shepherd

Canberra ACT, Australia

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