How to help a hound in need

From time to time we get approached by members to pay attention to pound, gumtree or otherwise advertised dog. We understand that this is done out of kindness and love but please understand that we pay a personal price when things don’t work out.

The ACT Greyhound Support Network (AGSN) works with rescue organisations – we do not have our own charity status, kennelling facilities etc. The role of the AGSN is to assist rescue organisations with homing through our volunteer network, educate people on the suitability of greyhounds as pets, fundraise and provide a forum for a community spirit of greyhounds, get togethers etc.

This isn’t to discourage anyone from trying to do the best for a greyhound, it is to advise of the proper procedure and to direct attention to the areas that have the processes and resources to meaningfully assist. AGSN have done it on an ad hoc basis in the past but it is unsustainable and registered and recognised charities have the processes in place to assist.

We have outlined this process below for Greyhound Rescue, Gumtree Greys, Friends of the Hounds, Amazing Greys, etc. There are other rehoming charities which can be found through a google search.

The process

Contact the rehoming organisation of your choice (note the AGSN is not a rehoming organisation) and provide as much information as possible: name, gender, age, and main reason for relinquishment (non-chaser, injury, not fast, no longer breeding etc.). Any personality info and photos are welcomed.


Tagging Rescue Groups in the AGSN Facebook feed in NOT considered contact.


If you are offering to foster a greyhound:

  • Email Rescue to request assistance, advising that you are offering a foster place. If rescue agree to bring the hound into their program, they will cover medical costs, assist with some equipment and promotion.

  • If Rescue is unable to take and you would still like to foster the hound the AGSN can help with promotion and by putting you in touch with vets that offer discount rates for rescue greys. We may also be able to help with fundraising but you should expect to cover some expenses.

  • Your request will be considered far more favourably if you are willing to foster or can make a financial contribution to offset some of the cost.

  • If you are drawing attention to a greyhound without the offer of foster:

  • Email Rescue to request that they consider taking the pup into the program.

  • If the dog is in the pound you might also consider contacting ARF.


Note that without the offer of care you are leaving it to us to find care and this is not always possible to do while balancing full time work with volunteering against a tight timeframe. Co-ordinators pay a very personal toll when we are unable to help.

With the exception of Greyhound Rescue that have limited kennel spots, charities rely on the availability of foster carers to home the hounds until suitable homes can be found and the hound matched.​

Private Rehoming

AGSN may be able to help with local promotion of a hound. The condition for promotion is that:

a) There must be a written commitment that the hound will be kept in good condition until they are placed in a home. I.e. the hound is safe and will not be destroyed.

b) The hound must be desexed at the time of adoption.

c) The hound must be vaccinated.

d) Owner/trainer must be willing to meet with prospective families to show the hound.

The owner/trainer will need to provide: name, gender, age, and main reason for relinquishment (non-chaser, injury, not fast, no longer breeding etc.). Any personality info and photos will assist in matching.


Send all information through to

If owners/trainers are seeking to rehome privately ‘Every Greyhound’ is also a great resource.

The AGSN works with the following rehoming organisations. These organisations have long wait lists, so please consider if you can offer fostering or financial assistance before contacting them. 

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