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Introducing cats and greyhounds

One of the biggest misconceptions about greyhounds is that people think that they cannot live with cats. Greyhounds were bred to chase and hunt, but 80 to 90 percent of them can live safely with indoor cats if introduced and supervised properly at first. Some greyhounds are also able to live with pet rabbits and birds.

The first introduction to a cat will begin to shape the greyhound's reaction to cats long into the future. Before any introduction takes place, the greyhound’s prey drive (inclination to chase birds and small animals) should be ascertained. Generally, if a dog has a high prey drive they will be less likely to succeed in a cat test. There are a few steps to the process to help set the greyhound up for a lifetime of cat loving (or tolerating!). 

Muzzle! Muzzle! Muzzle! When introducing cats and small dogs to a greyhound, keep their muzzle on. Also keep the dog on a leash, using a properly fitted collar. 

Test one dog at a time: Never let a dog watch another dog’s cat test. If one dog fails, the one watching will most likely fail as well. Pack instinct is strong and excitement is contagious.

Test indoors only: Prey drive is higher outdoors and judging a dog’s reaction to a cat while outdoors or from a distance is not reliable.

Never hold the cat: A cat in the air increases prey drives and also it is likely you will get scratched. 

Test calm dogs: set the dog up for success!

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