Living with greys

Contrary to popular opinion, some greyhounds can be happily rehomed with cats, small dogs and other animals. 


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Greyhounds make wonderful pets for a variety of households and family situations. Contrary to popular belief they do not require much exercise, and most can live very happily with cats, rabbits and other small animals. They are extremely adaptable animals and most retired greyhounds are very comfortable in living in small spaces as a result of their experience in racing kennels.  They also tend not to bark, making them perfect apartment pets.


Greyhounds, on average, live to be around 12 - 14 years of age. Their close association with people throughout history has created a breed that prospers with human companionship. One 30 minute walk is usually sufficient to ensure your greyhound sleeps the day away.  As a result of their fine, short-haired coat they require minimal grooming or washing and because of their low body fat, they generally don't have a strong 'doggy' smell.  


Greyhounds are very affectionate animals who thrive in the company of other dogs and humans. As they are bred to be elite athletes they don't suffer from many of the common ailments seen in other large, purebred dogs (such as hip dysplasia). 


In short, greyhounds make wonderful companions and family pets, as explained in the video below. 


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