Cooper's best mate

We got six year old Cooper two years ago through a rescue group He's now eight and though he's a little white fluffball of just five kgs, he is big on personality. He struts around the neighbourhood like the Sherriff is in town. 

We have wanted company for Cooper but none of the little dogs we met were quite right for him or our family. 

Then we were at Paws and People and saw Tiffy at the ACTGSN stall. My ten year old Lucy commented how pretty she was so we wandered over and said hello. We were immediately in love with her soft coat and gentle nature and were assured all greys were similarly gorgeous. 

Victoria was there too and mentioned she was fostering an eight-year-old called Maggie - the same age as Cooper! 

We met Maggie, and as she wasn't interested in eating Cooper (!!!) we then met Maggie in her foster home and loved her gorgeous happy nature. things progressed pretty quickly from there and the rest is history!

Maggie and cooper get along wonderfully, and it really feels like Maggie has found the home she was meant to find. 

She brings so much joy to our lives, we are absolutely in love.


- Cathy Millner

Canberra ACT, Australia

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