Completing the family

After having our first greyhound, Goofy, for 3 months, we were starting to raise the topic of fostering in a few months. Ironically a week or so later, Alana sent us a text about a foster carer pulling out. The little quirky hound we were introduced to was Kelly. First point of call, even before meeting her, was to change her name to Nelly.


She is a wonderful little ball of energy, not yet 2 and a wee bit crazy at times! I can recall the pick up of her to bring her into foster, she wouldn't walk at all or she would just leap about and pull like crazy. She is a funny little girl, but luckily her quirks led to Goofy actually liking her. Yes, our shy introverted Goofy wagged his tail a million times when he saw her. She has helped him with his confidence so much, and he is able to show her the ropes of being a pet... and how great stealing bread is!


She has come along way since her first night with us, she got pretty comfortable here, and that combined with Goofy liking her around we were able to come to a decision, despite our promises not to, to keep our foster.


She is a little ball of energy and a bit of a weirdo, but we have fallen in love with her cute face and personality and are happy to say she is now home!


- Saskia Shepherd

Canberra ACT, Australia

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